Group Booking

Groups with more than 10 participants may apply for an activity on their chosen activity date and time. Our limited edition Lung Fu Shan Shinrin Yoku also accepts groups of 6 or above. To learn more about the details, please click the activity photos below. If you would like to join our activities but have smaller group sizes, please browse our upcoming events page for our latest event news.

For local schools and charities, most of the activities are available free of charge. Please click here for further details.

The Application Restriction Policy (ARP) will come into effect on July 17th, 2018. Please refer to details here before activity application.

Please read the Activity Remarks thoroughly before applying or joining any activities, for enquiries, please contact our staff.

You are required to submit your information when you apply. Please read our  Privacy Policy & Personal Information Collection Statement carefully. By submitting your application indicates that you have read and agreed to our policy and statement.